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Good morning everyone.

Today, our plan was to finish UNIT 3.

  1. LISTENING: HOTEL GRADING (P.26)Go through excercise 1 about grading of hotels and do listening 3.2 below and later got hrough excercises 3 and 4 to practice listening skills.
  2. GRAMMAR (p27): Have a look at he grammar box on page 27 on MODAL VERBS for OBLIGATION and POSSIBILITY. Do excercises 5 and 6 and open this link for extra explanation and excercises.
  3. COMMUNICATION: DEALING WITH COMPLAINTS.  (p 28)Do the listening 3.3  and do activities 1 and 2.
  4. COMMUNICATION: DEALING WITH COMPLAINTS. Go through the PROFESSIONAL SKILLS BOX and do activity 4. Later, do listening practice 3.4 to get further expressions to deal with complaints.
  5. VIDEO  Watch the video news about how the airline deals with complaints and be ready to answer some questions in class. What is the name of the airline, where is it operating, what are the major reasons for complaints and what do they do.}
  6. SPEAKING. Prepare the role play in pairs (ex. 6 on page 29) and be ready to do it in class. (next class in October 10th)
  7. WRITiNG: Writing a letter of apology. Click here for extra help. Go through the CASE STUDY situation on pages 30 -31 and write a letter of apology. (Ex 5) OBLIGATORY ASSIGNMENT DUE ON OCTOBER 12TH, date set for handing in the assignment.
  8. READING MATERIAL. Please, next class we’re discussing “Cristina Suaña” a story taken from Tourism Stories, a book provided by UNWTO which we will be using as intensive reading.


See you all next Tuesday God willing,